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FPO Management Challenges: Consultative Workshop, 18th November Tiruchirapalli

Coming Up: Online Course on Indian System of Management...

It was in 2004, perhaps in the month of September that we released our small publication, "Indian System of Management - An Introduction". The publication was released in the Goethe Institute, Chennai (the old building at that time, not the current new location) during a workshop on the same subject. At that time, Samanvaya intended to bring out several follow-up publications on the subject as a series. However, subsequent developments took us further and further away from this much needed work. An attempt was made in 2014 to revive the same through a series of workshops in Chennai, unfortunately, this too had to be given up as there were far too many practical difficulties.

For those who don't know, Indian System of Management (ISM) was a new body of knowledge that emerged in the 80s and 90s as part of the movement to try and articulate "Indian" view of everything - we had "Indian" science & technology, "Indian" psychology, etc., comin…

A gentle assertive plea to ‘Save Our Soil’…Remembering Sri. M.V.Murugappan

The head of a prominent business family of Murugappa Group, its former Chairman  and a dear friend of Samanvaya, Sri. M.V.Murugappan, passed away yesterday. Here below a short note by Ram, Chief Samanvaya and an article written by Sri. Murugappan 10 years ago.  

Samanvaya Women's Leadership Workshop

Dharampal 95!

Dharampal would have been 95 today.

What bothered him in the last years -

1) the inability of Indian researchers to pay attention to the vast emerging local language histories and narratives. "Listen to Ravindra Sharma", he used to say in wonderment of the amazing narrations that Ravindra Sharmaji made on the tribal life and their world views. While he followed the emergence of the local language narratives, he was also wary of engaging with people who adopted western academic glasses to interpret the local community or re-narrate the local histories.

2) the lack of vision and clarity in engaging with the Indian Ocean rim countries - he believed and held that India had a lot to contribute as well as learn from the countries in the 'Indian Ocean rim', a vast expanse of space that extended from the East African nations to the lands bordering the South China Sea. One of his favourite works of (the then) recent origin was the book, "1421" by Gavin Menzis. While…

Traditional Seed Saver needs your help...

Dear All, A farmer saves 150 varieties of traditional paddy against all systemic odds because he believes that this needs to be done. A farmer whose work benefits many other farmers across the state and inspired others across the country.Nel Jayaraman, is going through a health crisis that needs not just careful attention and much love, but, also financial help in this world that doesn’t care for people who do such work. It has been a privilege to have got to know him and about his work. Details regarding his ailment and financial help and how you can contribute are below in this mail. Helping such people is a way of sustaining faith that world cares for those who work for a larger cause. Every contribution sustains this faith. Please contribute. Thank you. ram chief, samanvaya From: ananthoo organic [
Dear friends, kindly contribute and more importantly- circulate and get more contributions to help meet the medical expenses of nel jayaraman. The account detai…